Dennis L. Kutzner


Dennis L. Kutzner pastored for twelve years before becoming the Executive Secretary of Calvary Ministries International in 1982 - 2012 and now heads up the CMIGLOBAL church link, Global Church Connection. Dennis is certified in Risk Assessment for Churches and Schools by Cambridge University and serves as an associate consultant with Church Doctor Ministries specializing in Risk Assessment. His ministerial experience enables him to easily relate and be a blessing as he works extensively with churches and ministers, often assisting each during the candidature process. Dennis is called upon to minister in numerous churches each year.

As of November 1, 2015, Dennis is serving as the interim General Overseer of CMIGLOBAL.

As a qualified church consultant, he gives many hours to ministers and church leaders, dealing with structural and legal matters. From counsel about church planting, to advice about adequate legal church structures, to human resources, to liability issues, to addressing serious church conflicts, Dennis and his team have proven to be an amazing resource to ministers. Global Church Connection will help you determine if your church ministry is on target with its mission and message.

Additionally, Dennis and his wife, Carol, offer a challenging and tender approach to the teaching ministry. They are widely known for their motivational, leadership, and marriage conferences.

In 2001, Dennis incorporated Gettysburg Campfires, which is dedicated to exploring the divine connections and leadership principles of America’s Civil War. Kutzner offers a three hour Christian Perspective tour of the Gettysburg battlefield and inspirational convocations of the Christian Perspective of America’s Civil War to churches, Christian schools, Home schools, and colleges.

Through a Gettysburg Campfires’ Leadership Conference, Kutzner offers a new model for the study of leadership via the American Civil War. Principles of Leadership are reviewed from the colossal Civil War battle of Gettysburg and other battles and brought forward to current administrative, management, and leadership positions in modern business and church roles. “The practical side to the Gettysburg battle and the Civil War offers enormous leadership principles applicable to today’s business and church leader,” says Kutzner.

Dennis passionately believes in men praying together. Jesus said that, “Men ought always to pray.” Why is it then that many men find it difficult to pray? Though praying engages battle, praying does not have to be a battle. Dennis will conduct a PRAYING LIKE A MAN Warfare Prayer Conference with the men and young men (13+) of any church and, together, explore the (ABCs) Action, Benefit and Camaraderie of prayer. Consider a Friday evening and Saturday morning meeting.

Dennis and his wife, Carol, who have been married since 1970, reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana.