“The Biblical educator must not only have a Christian understanding of the material, he must have a Biblical understanding of the student. If he does not, then the result will be a hybrid Christian methodology employed to achieve a humanistic goal.” 
Douglas Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning


CMI Global envisions a community of churches and individuals who share a passion and commitment for the training and equipping of individuals for the work of the Kingdom. While CMI acknowledges that not every individual receives a divine mandate to serve in what has traditionally been considered vocational ministry, we also recognize every Christian is called to minister the Good-News in the marketplace of life. With changes in our social and economic culture the landscape of ministry is rapidly changing. Therefore, while there will always be a place for the traditional minister CMI Global also recognizes more individuals desire to pursue the call of God while serving in a bi-vocational capacity.  To this end CMI Global desires to be on the cutting edge of training and equipping that includes, not excludes, any member who passionately desires to pursue the call of God while considering their vocational goals.

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Educational Partners


+ How does a CMI membership benefit my pursuit of an ongoing education?

CMI’s commitment to education and training is designed to meet every member at the crossroads of their time, work and financial resources. Therefore, CMI’s leadership has negotiated partnerships, with each institution, that provide every member with opportunities to advance their learning in a time efficient and cost-effective manner.

+ How does a CMI member know what opportunity is best for them?

CMI recognizes every member’s education, and desire for learning, are at various stages. To this end CMI has provided several tiers of resources that seek to meet our members at every stage of learning. As a CMI member you will have access to a CMI education facilitator who can walk you through the initial process and connect you with the ideal learning resource that will help you reach your desired goal.

+ How can an area pastor utilize these educational resources for his larger faith community (IE: Elders, Deacons, Lay Ministers, Volunteers and or Youth)?

While most of our educational partners have developed learning tracks that meet the needs of individual learners CMI has also partnered with additional educational institutions that have specifically tailored learning for larger groups. A CMI education facilitator will be available to assess your specific needs and connect you with the ideal educator based on your area of ministry focus.

+ What about accreditation?

CMI recognizes learning is a personal investment of every individual’s resources. Therefore, the “value” one receives from their learning is based, in part, on the process of accreditation. CMI is not the governing accrediting body for any of the educational institutions provided and it is the responsibility of the learner to discuss accreditation with the institution they are considering.

+ Will CMI be adding further resources in the future?

CMI will continue to provide partnerships with accredited seminaries, Bible colleges and para-ministries that are committed to ongoing growth and learning opportunities within the body of Christ. CMI and our educational partners will continue to pursue new ways of learning, across all learning platforms, which utilize both the traditional and digital learning model.

+ What is my next step?

Contact CMI’s Educational facilitator to arrange an initial conversation regarding your learning goals and expectations. CMI’s leadership is grateful for your partnership and, in turn, we are eager to aid your learning as you bring the Good News of Jesus to your marketplace of life. A CMI Educational Liaison can be reached by clicking here.

“Christian education begins where evangelism ends, helping believers grow in their faith.” 
Perry G. Downs, Teaching for Spiritual Growth: An Introduction to Christian Education