The following missions initiatives are offered to CMI Global Members to engage with financially.  Support of these initiatives is completely voluntary and directly between the donor and the missions organization.

Paul & Karen Whitley, Invading the Darkness

Paul & Karen Whitley, Invading the Darkness

Invading the Darkness, Inc. | Paul Whitley
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  • Initiative: Togo Church Planting in Togo, West Africa

    • Proposed Cost: $6,000

    • We are planting churches in a very secluded area of the country that is considered unreached. We have planted 25 churches thus far and are continuing to work despite severe persecution from witchdoctors and adverse village authorities. Recently, two of our workers were cursed and died, but 25 minutes later they were raised. One pastor was beaten severely and hospitalized but returned to continue the work

Africa Missions | Ron & Rina Kinnear
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  • Initiative: Love South Sudan (Juba, Akuem, Aweil)

    • Proposed Cost: $3,000 for one evangelism clinic (covers training materials, meals, cost of lecturers, and water for 70 pastors to be trained over five days)

    • The training we provide empowers a local pastor to grow his church. We have three clinics ($3,000 each) scheduled during our visit to South Sudan...please help fund these training clinics.

EME Ministries | Gail Stathis
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  • Initiative: Gateway Christian Academy in Athens, Greece

    • Proposed Cost: $500,000

    • Application has been made to be the first ever legally recognized K-12 evangelical Christian school in Greece. This will be for minorities, children in the margins, Greeks and any other families desiring to have an evangelical based education for their children. This is a timely moment with the refugee population in Greece and many children having been out of school for long periods.

Aspire Oriental Youth Leadership Development | Terry & Peggy Schmitt
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  • Initiative: Together Partnership Missions in North Thailand

    • Proposed Cost: $1,000/month

    • We're seeking support for our ministry of inner healing to sexually abused and exploited victims ages 11-20. Partner with us: anti-human trafficking and children's advocacy awareness, prevention, and rights.