CMI’s membership is made up of ministers and churches.  Members can be both Licensed or Ordained as ministers of the Gospel, with full ministerial rights, such as officiating weddings, funerals, etc.  Both a License and Ordination can be transferred as well as conferred.  

Churches and non-church organizations can also become members of CMI.

CMI offers several benefits and programs, including: Accountability, an Annual Convention, Licensing and Ordination, Church Planting Resources, Counseling, Fellowship & Networking, Group Tax Exemption for Organizations, Missions Opportunities, Ministerial on-the-job Training, Pulpit Supply, Recommendations for Church Staff, Stewardship Programming and Campaign Strategies, Risk Management and Church Structure Consultation, Short-Term Missions Trips, and more.

CMI has seven tenets within the Doctrinal Statement.  Essentially, CMI is Trinitarian, Pre-Millennial, and Pentecostal.  The Doctrinal Statement is contained in the bylaws of CMI.
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Fundamentally, CMI is a Presbyterian Polity, but recognizes the office of a General Overseer.  The founder was Dr. Paul E. Paino and the current General Overseer is Rev. Dennis Kutzner.

The Council of Overseers and the Corporate Board is vested with the property, affairs, activities, and concerns of the corporation.  It is these boards which set the policies of CMI.  There is a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer, who are the corporate officers.  These officers are elected by the members of the Council of Overseers, annually. The Council of Overseers is appointed annually by the General Overseer. The General Overseer is the only officer elected by the general membership every five years.

CMI is funded through annual membership dues, voluntary tithes of the members, churches and organizations, and the pledges of members, churches, organizations, and friends of the ministry.

CMI maintains no authority (in governance or property) over its members or churches, unless approved by both the church and CMI. Each and every organizational member is autonomous and self-governing.

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CMIGLOBAL is a 501c(3) with national headquarters located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.