CMIGLOBAL’s membership is composed of individuals responding to God’s call into Christian ministry.  We welcome both those already credentialed by other Christian organizations and qualifying applicants who have never before received credentials.  All of our credentialed members enjoy full ministerial rights (perform marriages, baptisms, communion, etc.), and each of our members is a voting member of CMIGLOBAL.

CMIGLOBAL maintains no ecclesiastical hierarchy, nor do we claim any such authority over organizational members.  Our members are autonomous and self-governing.

The members of CMIGLOBAL work together because we believe we can do more together as a community of equals than we can alone. We promote openness and accountability to strengthen and encourage ongoing spiritual formation in our membership because we believe that healthy ministers produce healthy churches and healthy communities.

To apply, simply click “Join CMIGLOBAL” below and fill out the following application.

In addition to the application, there is a requirement for 3 letters of recommendation (1 from a pastor, 1 from a business man or woman, and 1 from a person of your choosing with the exclusion of family).  Those letters can either be emailed to, or mailed to:

PO Box 11228
Fort Wayne, IN  46804

We look forward to you being a part of our community!

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